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CEH V9 is Arrived , What is new from V8

CEH V9 is Arrived , What is new from V8

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Focus on New Attack Vectors
Emphasis on Cloud Computing Technology
CEHv9 focuses on various threats and hacking attacks to the emerging cloud computing technology
Covers wide-ranging countermeasures to combat cloud computing attacks
Provides a detailed pen testing methodology for cloud systems to identify threats in advance
Emphasis on Mobile Platforms and Tablet Computers
CEHv9 focuses on the latest hacking attacks targeted to mobile platform and tablet computers and covers countermeasures to secure mobile infrastructure
Coverage of latest development in mobile and web technologies
New Vulnerabilities Are Addressed
Heartbleed CVE-2014-0160
Heartbleed makes the SSL layer used by millions of websites and thousands of cloud providers vulnerable.
Detailed coverage and labs in Module 18: Cryptography.
Shellshock CVE-2014-6271
Shellshock exposes vulnerability in Bash, the widely-used shell for Unix-based operating systems such as Linux and OS X.
Detailed coverage and labs in Module 11: Hacking Webservers
Poodle CVE-2014-3566
POODLE lets attackers decrypt SSLv3 connections and hijack the cookie session that identifies you to a service, allowing them to control your account without needing your password.
Case study in Module 18: Cryptography
Hacking Using Mobile Phones
CEHv9 focuses on performing hacking (Foot printing, scanning, enumeration, system hacking, sniffing, DDoS attack, etc.) using mobile phones
Courseware covers latest mobile hacking tools in all the modules
Coverage of latest Trojan, Virus, Backdoors
Courseware covers Information Security Controls and Information Security Laws and Standards
Labs on Hacking Mobile Platforms and Cloud Computing
More than 40 percent new labs are added from Version 8
More than 1500 new/updated tools
CEHv9 program focuses on addressing security issues to the latest operating systems like Windows 8.1
It also focuses on addressing the existing threats to operating environments dominated by Windows 7, Windows 8, and other operating systems (backward compatibility)

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